Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow is Good!

Despite the recent freezing conditions, snow has been great for the Village Stores. We did more business than usual during the heavy snowfall and over a couple of days our takings increased by around 20%. Thank you for supporting us!

New Local Cheeses

Our new range of cheeses has just gone on sale. Try the delicious soft cheeses Wigmore, Waterloo and Rosethorne Blue and the wonderful hard cheeses Barkham Blue and Spenwood, all locally sourced.

 Open Meeting Success

Thanks very much to everyone who came to our Open Meeting in the Village Hall on 22nd January. We had some very positive news about the shop, including the fact that £2,000 has been raised towards paying off our loan. 


  1. How have I missed this blog for so long - really informative and up to date and looks great too.

    1. Thanks very much, Sue. Very glad you've found us!

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